Is Jell-O’s ” : D ” Campaign Making you Smile?

Is Jell-O’s ” : D ” Campaign Making you Smile?

Adweek said it was a little, “2009.”

What’s your take?

Is this an excellent example of integrated marketing and social media engagement?

Is this building an internet meme and brand equity?

Twitter Isn’t Always Right: The Honda Story

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But like most tools, its strength is its weakness. The problem with Twitter is it gives people an opportunity to skip over the part where they sit with an idea or experience.

What Have You Done for ME Lately?

What Have You Done for ME Lately?

Everyone asks “What have you done for me lately?” If you give someone an answer, they will (probably) follow along. Speaking of follow, let’s talk about twitter.

Tweet like a Human

Most often, edu twitter accounts talk but lack any other human signifier. It’s like some 200 year old seal is talking.

KILL Student Zombie Blogs!

KILL Student Zombie Blogs!

As of now, student blogging is like some college essay, but it needs to be more like a scrap book or mixtape. Unfortunately, the only way for it to move forward is for it to die.

Kill the blog!

Digital Id, Ego, and Super-Ego

We all try to balance our digital id, ego, and super-ego. Can you tweet that? should you tweet that? But I really want to!

Status Update, Jersey Shore is a Cultural Barometer

While some choose to dismiss Jersey Shore or brush it off, I am compelled to watch because like it or not, the show is emblematic of the times we live in. So rather than pretend that it doesn’t exist, it seems much more worthwhile to watch and contemplate the what kind of effect an illusory “I’m Done” attitude is having on our culture.

Twitter in the Classroom Revisited

What if a college level philosophy class showcased its class discussion publicly via twitter? What might a prospective student learn about the academic rigor at an institution?

It’s About Data Stupid: Why we should listen to Twitter

However, Twitter is not all about all about your tweets or your message. In fact, Twitter isn’t even exclusively a platform for engaging in 140 characters. Twitter is also a rich source of data. Have you ever sat in a room and just listened to the chatter?

Twitter in the Classroom?

My thought is that twitter could replace the journal entry. Students would tweet their responses to the reading, pose discussion questions, and engage in some conversation as a nightly homework assignment.